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South Africa Veterinary Internship: Holly Baines

Holly is applying to do a masters in wild animal biology and study diseases in the wild. She went to South Africa to do a veterinary internship to strengthen her knowledge of animals before starting her course.

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Namibia Carnivore Conservation Programme: Just do it! By Emma Kingston, March 2014

Emma shares with us her experiences at the Frontier’s Namibia Carnivore Conservation Programme where she spent one month working closely with cheetahs, leopards, lions and more

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Weeks 3 & 4: Margaret Dohney, South Africa Field Guide Course

We had a great weekend in Jeffrey’s Bay. Saturday and Sunday excursions were filled with shopping, eating, and beachcombing. Our hostel was directly on the ocean.  It was amazing to look out at body of water at the bottom of the world. Most of our group went bungee jumping on the biggest bungee jump in the world. I was a little too afraid so I took a pass- maybe next time!

Find out more about Frontier's South Africa Field Guide Course (Port Elizabeth) project.

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Volunteer journal: Margaret Doheny, South Africa Field Guide Course

Margaret Doheny is currently taking part in Frontier’s South Africa Field Guide Course (Port Elizabeth) and has been loving the time she’s spending with Africa’s fantastic wildlife. Look out for Margaret’s journal as she completes 14 FGASA modules whilst in South Africa in order to gain her field guide qualification.  

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