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Pamela Cabral - Cambodia Road Trip

Pamela went on the Cambodia Road Trip project to see the splendours and culture of the country, but also contribute to the local communities through teaching. She explains the amazing moments she had on her trip and how glad she is to have experienced it with her new friends from all over the world!

1. Why did you choose this particular project?
When I was first searching for a country to do the project I wanted to choose one that really need help. Cambodia is a country with a hard history and that have suffered a lot in just few years, the education and community development is really needed. Cambodia was also a country I was dying to know, so it was not too hard to make the choice

2. Which kind of work and activities did you do during your project?
I was working at the school and doing community work. We also had the opportunity to live the experience by living with a local family.

3. How did the culture and people differ to home, and what were the locals like?
People from Cambodia are really kind, quiet, with a lot of hospitality and always with a smile
they live a simple but happy life.

4. What was the accommodation like? 
During my volunteer project I stayed in The Blue House (volunteer house), really cosy and friendly place with a really nice staff. I was sharing room with 3 girls; we had private bathroom and mosquito net in our beds (very comfortable). As other facilities, we had bikes to be able to go to our respective projects every day. We also had 3 meals per day really tasty, typical from Cambodia.

5. What were the staff and other volunteers like?
During my stay we were around 20 volunteer from all over the world (Au
stralia, Germany, UK, India, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, etc.) participating in different projects such as: Teaching, community work, Medical project etc. They all were really opened mind, kind, friendly and funny. I have made very good friends. We all have all meals together in the dining room and share funs moments such as playing cards, going to know the village, watching the sunsets in the lake, going to the market, bike ride, water festival, etc. During weekend (free days) we had the chance to do some tourist visit to temples, etc. The staff were really kind, always helping and trying their best to make our stay in Cambodia perfect.

6. What was your most amazing moment or your best memory?
I had lots of amazing moments such as meeting people from all over the world and share with them those moments. Also the feeling of helping a country that suffered a lot, kids smiles and company as well as the landscape of Cambodia and the state of mind that the country inspire.

7. Do you feel the work you were doing was worthwhile?
Absolutely. Families, kids, school really need our help to keep improving their way of life, by supporting their communities with proper development and moreover with something so needed as the education.

8. What sort of wildlife did you encounter?
The nature and landscape in Cambodia are breath-taking, the temples, the lakes and river, the islands and natural park are really inspiring and rich. It’s a beautiful country!

9. What were you hoping to learn while on project, and have you achieved those goals?
My goal was to learn and know Cambodia, not only from a tourist point of view, but to have an authentic experience by learning their culture, their lifestyle, the cuisine, talk with the locals and hear from them the best of their country, etc. At the same time, contribute my grain of sand for a better country. I not only achieved my goal but met so many people with the same passion and inspiring histories that make my trip even more exciting.


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