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You Won't Be Disappointed, Trust  Me

Having applied to volunteer for a project involving sighting and recording scientific data on wild whale and dolphin populations in the vast open Atlantic Ocean, my expectations before coming where; I might see something in the space of two weeks, maybe a single pod of dolphins or a few whales if I’m lucky but I found myself constantly surprised with each boat expedition.

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Sleeping  Cetaceans

It's awesome to see dolphins playing at the surface and the more dynamic they are the more exciting the experience. Sometimes, though, you can wish they'd sit still just for a moment so you could see all the detail without needing to freeze them in time with a camera.

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A Perfect First  Expedition

It was a perfect day to hit the water; a bit of wispy cloud sitting near the horizon, just outlining the bright blue sky above us. It was breathing a gentle force 2, enough to cool us off under the hot sun but not nearly enough to send hats flying into the Atlantic.

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New Year, New Adventures!

In order to give Christmas Eve a scientific touch, the presentations of the projects were held before dinner, after which we all enjoyed a tasty meal thanks to the amazing cooking skills of Rachel!

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