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Turtles vs.  Plastic

It is no secret that discarded/unwanted plastic finding its way into the oceans is an on-going threat to the marine environment. Many marine animals (including birds) are accidentally or even mistakenly ingesting these inedible plastics every day.

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My Time With Frontier 

I have spent three week in Tenerife with frontier, working on the whale and dolphin experience and it has been such great experience. I would completely recommend it to anyone looking to do something new and different on their next holiday. I have loved my time in Tenerife learning about all the different whales and dolphin.

The boats where such fun and I found the crew really helpful and friendly, I really enjoyed the Peter Pan as it is so much fun seeing the Pilot whales swimming and other behaviours. Watching the whales was really intriguing and collecting the data was really enjoyable and interesting. I found the fin identification really fun and it was so exciting to find a match and identify which whale I had been watching.  

All the volunteers have been really nice and welcoming and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to know new friends. I was so impressed with the wide range of volunteers and I loved hearing all of the different views and ideas. It was also great fun go on excursion with the other volunteers and the staff where very helpful in arranging trips and working out a seclude which could include everything I wanted to do, however the highlight of my trip was swimming with the turtles, and I feel it is definitely a must for any one visiting Tenerife

For anyone looking for a new experience this is the perfect project to wet your appetite and set you off to a perfect start to your gap year, but it is also perfect as a standalone project. Whether you stay for one week or ten you will love every second of Tenerife and the Frontier project.

By Rebecca - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Volunteer

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