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You Won't Be Disappointed, Trust  Me

Having applied to volunteer for a project involving sighting and recording scientific data on wild whale and dolphin populations in the vast open Atlantic Ocean, my expectations before coming where; I might see something in the space of two weeks, maybe a single pod of dolphins or a few whales if I’m lucky but I found myself constantly surprised with each boat expedition.

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Pizza And Peter  Pan

Los Cristianos is the sort of place where you can get a full English breakfast or a Subway as readily as you can in London. There's nothing wrong with that but I'm quite glad that there's big swathes of this island which aren't really like that at all.

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Exceptional Luck On Peter  Pan

As we cast off I remembered that I'd been rather spoilt on my first trip out and expected that this one would probably be rather less eventful. I really couldn't have been more wrong.

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A Perfect First  Expedition

It was a perfect day to hit the water; a bit of wispy cloud sitting near the horizon, just outlining the bright blue sky above us. It was breathing a gentle force 2, enough to cool us off under the hot sun but not nearly enough to send hats flying into the Atlantic.

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Do I Need To Be a Marine Biologist?

Thinking about joining the Whale and Dolphin project? Reading about the research may scare you a little, but there's nothing to worry about, you'll have plenty of training! Our Research Assistant Paula will give you the rundown of how it works to join a project with no previous experience.

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Top 5 Foods Of The Frontier House 

What is your favourite dish? Mac and cheese, omelette, a Sunday roast? Now imagine trying to cook this for 35 people, in a normal sized kitchen.

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Let The Summer Begin!

We are on the island of eternal spring. Ironically, we don't notice spring as a season, we only differentiate between winter and summer. And summer is the season based less on climate than on the three months of summer holidays which bring tourists from everywhere to the island. More tourists than usual, that is

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Flipper, Can You Hear Me? Problematic Noise Levels For Cetaceans

This week the team in Tenerife have been educating the public about how human noises can effect cetaceans

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Bye Bye Lorain!

Three months went by very fast and our ARO Lorain is leaving us already! Of course she already has her next adventure mapped out, but let´s hope she won´t forget us and the pilot whales here in Tenerife.

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Conecta Con El Azul!

Phew – what a week! There were whales, dolphins, warm weather (you may laugh, it is always sunny, but it has been warmer than usual), meeting new organisations… and that was only the first half! After this, we had a big event on Friday – all around the sea!

When you sign up on Monday to participate in an event four days later, you need to brainstorm, focus, and prepare everything in record time. This is why we found ourselves late Thursday night creating making whale fin memory games and drawing sea animals on playing cards, writing instructions both in Spanish and English and making origami whales.

Conecta Con El Azul was set up by the Marina in Las Galletas as an event all around sea life and how to protect it. The programme said there were activities all throughout the day and talks and workshops in the evening, so we were asked to provide some activities for children. (Age? No idea. We didn’t know much about what to expect from the day.)

It was only during the morning briefing on the day of the event we finally found out there were school groups coming who would be given talks about marine animals and how to treat them respectfully and do activities and games all around the environment: from recycling Twister, to Environment Roulette, playing our games around whales, growing plants, making turtles out of recycled material… oh and of course seeing turtles being released into the sea! In the evening there would be talks, a bird watching walk and other activities for adults.

The main event was organised by the foundation rehabilitating turtles on the island. They had two sea turtles ready to release and we all watched as they made their way to the sea with hundreds of students and the odd tourist clapping and cheering whenever a wave came close enough to drag the turtle into the water.

At the end of the day it seemed almost every pupil who came had gotten a tattoo from Iva. Our stand was almost reduced to the face painting, except more arms were painted than faces. From dolphins to squids to orcas and sea monkeys – everyone got a marine animal (or two, or three!) to take home. Let’s just say it was quite a success!

By Claire Herbaux - Field Communications Officer

Are you interested in going on a trip to Tenerife to work on the Whale and Dolphin Conservation project? You can also take a look at our other marine conservation projects here.