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My Time In  Tenerife

To be honest, I had never heard of Tenerife or the Canary Islands before coming here with Frontier. Being from Australia, it is not a regular holiday destination, but after finishing my studies in Zoology and Ecology, I decided it was a perfect place to gain more research experience. So, I made the 35-hour trip over in May for 3 weeks.

Tenerife is not what I expected and nothing like I have seen before, but I was pleasantly surprised. The coast is lined with apartments, cafes, and shops and of course the black sanded beaches. In the south, the island almost looks like a desert with cactuses, rocks, dirt and heaps of walking tracks.  In the middle, you can see the volcano Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain, and other surrounding mountains. It really is a beautiful view everywhere you look.

On the third day, after settling in and getting briefed, I set out on my first boat ride in Tenerife. I saw both bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales (my first time ever seeing pilot whales), and have seen at least one species every other trip I have been on. Both species love coming towards the boat to see what we are doing, which makes for some great photos.

Not only have I seen whales and dolphins on boats, but also from the top of cliffs on the coastal survey. Although the walk to the top is exhausting and feels like it is never going to end, the view of Los Cristianos at the top is amazing and I had the added bonus of seeing dolphins feeding around the fish farms.  

It is also fun meeting and living with people from all around the world, and interesting to learn how countries do everyday things differently. I have really enjoyed my first week at Tenerife with Frontier, and can’t wait to see more dolphins and whales, and do more exciting activities that this island has to offer.

By April Dingle - Tenerife Volunteer

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