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Pizza And Peter  Pan

Los Cristianos is the sort of place where you can get a full English breakfast or a Subway as readily as you can in London. There's nothing wrong with that but I'm quite glad that there's big swathes of this island which aren't really like that at all.

It was Christina's birthday, so after a pretty busy day in Los Cristanos we wandered down to the docks to meet up with the rest, who were just coming in off Peter Pan. Peter Pan is a traditional style Portuguese schooner, roughly 120 years old. She's a beautiful boat; lots of wonderfully stained and faded oak and white sails which complete the image when they're filled with wind, even if they are just for show.

It was only six, so we found a bar by the beach to kill time until it felt acceptable to eat. Dani at the dive centre had recommended 101 pizza, a restaurant we'd soon confirm had an impressively literal name and a very lengthy menu indeed. The sun sailed slowly behind the nearest building as we sat, competing for the traditional accolade of being the one who could flip and catch the most beermats. We ran out of mats before we ran out of skill and when it was definitely evening we moved on in search of pizza, which we found in abundance.

Carbonara pizza sounded legitimately weird enough for me to feel I had to order it. In terms of sheer strangeness I think my meal was beaten on our table only by a hot dog and chips pizza; a perfect mascot for the 'why not?' philosophy that gives rise to all of the very best dishes. I'm sure there were far stranger picks out of the 99 pizzas remaining but I can't quite remember so you'd have to find out for yourself.

It's a testament to just how full a day can be out here that after we'd spent really quite a long time enjoying an incredibly chilled evening in Los Cristianos and headed home to eat cake, I checked my phone... and then checked it again... and then googled for the time and was shocked to find that my phone wasn't lying to me: somehow it wasn't even ten. It's so easy to let time slip through your fingers but out here we seem to find a way to use every single hour.

By Oscar Hawes - Field Communications Officer

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