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New Year, New Adventures!

What is echolocation and how does it work? What factors affect skin coloration on whales? What endemic fauna can be found in the Canary Islands? How were the Canary Islands formed? What do dreams about cetaceans mean? These were some of the questions addressed by the group of volunteers that visited the Tenerife Camp over Christmas (awesome work!).

In order to give Christmas Eve a scientific touch, the presentations of the projects were held before dinner, after which we all enjoyed a tasty meal thanks to the amazing cooking skills of Rachel!

From Tenerife we also said goodbye to the 2016. We did so to the merengue rhythm from El Medano, a town famous for its hippie shops and for being one of the best places to practice wind-/kite-/surf. Even though the meringue moved from our hips to our stomachs the next day, the night was totally worth it!
Entered 2017, I had no choice but to start a fitness plan!

Therefore, I decided to go hiking to “El Barranco del Infierno” (or “The Ravine of Hell”). Unfortunately, the route was closed due to strong winds. However, I had the opportunity to enjoy the imposing scenery that can be seen at the beginning of the route.
Because there is so much to do in the Island, I explored the area of the municipality of Adeje and ended up on the beach of Los Cristianos. Here I enjoyed the sunset and thought of the exciting adventures that this new year may be holding for us in Frontier Tenerife!

By Macarena Blanco - Assistant Research Officer

Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation

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