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The start of my adventure down to the South!

I had already chosen Tenerife as an ideal destination for me to develop my skills as a Marine Biologist when I was hired by Frontier to work as an Assistant Research Officer. I was then living in Santa Cruz, the capital located on the northeast of the Island.

Santa Cruz is the second largest city of the Canary Islands (being Gran Canaria the first one), and hosts nearly half of the Tenerife population. Santa Cruz’s weather is known as the “eternal spring” as it is normally around 20 degrees Celsius and rains from time to time.

During my time there I got to visit the highlights of the city such as the Auditorium (from where I took the picture above), Spain Square, the Palmetum botanical garden, Garcia Sanabria’s Park, Las Teresitas and Las Gaviotas beaches. Also got to try some tasty typical food from the Islands and met amazing people!

When I moved to the South, I had the feeling I was travelling farther away than I actually was, as in less than two hours I had moved from an eternal spring to an eternal summer!!

Also, because of the large number of tourists in the South, I felt I was now the foreigner!

During my first days in the Frontier Camp I met Rachael, one of the current Assistant Research Officers, and Guy, the Project Coordinator. I was shown around the house and trained to start the amazing experience with cetaceans!

My first boat trip was all a success, as I had the chance to see around 11 bottlenose dolphins and 11 pilot whales. In the evening Rachael and I input the data collected and went through the pictures taken, identifying the individuals based on the shape, notches and scratches of their unique dorsal fins.

I can’t wait to go on my next boat trip!

By Macarena - Assistant Research Officer

Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation

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