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Holiday Madness

flickr | Secret TenerifeComing back to Tenerife after four days in cold, rainy England felt very similar to putting on a jumper straight after it’s come out of the dryer. At the airport, one step into the sunshine and everyone had already developed a sense of island-time. No one was in a rush, they’d get there when they got there.


Back at the house, I was welcomed by Guy and our new Assistant Research Officer, Macarena. Despite not having any volunteers this week, it’s a busy one in preparation for Christmas. We have seven volunteers arriving this weekend for the Christmas special and Natasha, a previous volunteer, is starting as an Assistant Research Officer that very same day! In order to prepare for the coming festive madness, us staff have been discussing how to prepare the house for the holiday season. I’ve already been banned from having tinsel and fake snow. However, plans for a Christmas Eve meal are still very much on the table (yes, that was a very bad pun, but no, I am not ashamed).


Other than crazy yuletide preparations, this week is one of change for the project itself. Macarena and I have been going through our current dataset in preparation for a final science report at the end of the year. This has involved going through our incredibly extensive photo-identification library of the whales and dolphins, and all of the encounter records entered by our previous volunteers. Hopefully, this will be made available online on the Frontier website early next year, so all of the amazing people that have helped on the project can see what they have contributed to.


Rachel Pool - Assistant Research Officer

Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation

Frontier runs conservationdevelopmentteaching and adventure travel projects in over 70 countries worldwide - so join us and explore the world!

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