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Meeting  Mafia

After almost 100 hours of travelling which included four countries, two cancelled flights and an unexpected two-day stop in Addis Ababa, I’d already had my fair share of adventure before even setting foot on Mafia Island.

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The Importance of Mangroves to our  Eco-System

Here on Mafia, we’re lucky enough to have a range of marine environments a stone’s throw away from camp, which, if you’re on a marine conservation project, you’ll get to learn about and survey.

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Christmas Mafia Island  Style

Christmas this year, for me, is going to be very different. Although it’s not my first hot Christmas, it’s my first Christmas away from my family.

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What it's really like on the Mafia Island  Camp

So you’ve received your field brief, started studying for your PADI Open Water course, and you’ve learn how to count to ten in Swahili. You’re feeling prepared for the volunteering part of your project, but what about the living part? Well no fear, we’re here to debunk any myths, answer any questions and prepare you for life on Camp Frontier.

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Our Local Community - Tupopo  Moja

Tupopo Moja means 'we are one' and it perfectly describes working in the local community in Tanzania. Alongside our conservation work within Mafia Island Marine Park, we teach English classes every weekday at the local school here in Utende. As well as teaching school children, we also hold adult classes, to help young men in the village improve their English.

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In our first People of Mafia interview, we spoke to Demi Mills, our previous Principal Investigator, and coral biologist, who has been living on Mafia Island for 11 months.

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