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A Diving  Blog

I’ve been at the Frontier camp on Mafia Island for one week now and it’s been amazing! Before coming here, I’d never been scuba diving before, and now, it’s only one week in and I’m an Advanced Open Water diver! Over these past four days, I’ve done 9 dives, so it’s been pretty intense but I’ve loved every minute of it.

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Tanzania Is About More Than Just  Diving

I came to Mafia for a short 2 weeks, with the aim of learning more about what I see when diving and what impacts what I am seeing underwater. I was welcomed warmly into camp from day 1 and by day 2 felt I had been here for months.

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Crown Of Thorns  Cull

When most people think of conservation it usually inspires thoughts of researchers studying animal behaviour, patrolling some vast wilderness, designating an area as a national park/reserve or freeing a trapped animal from a net. So it may seem odd to some that killing animals for conservation purposes is practised.

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Nudibranch BTEC Study 

Nudibranchs are a very intriguing species that a lot of volunteers fall in love with whilst diving on our projects. Find out from volunteer Ashlynn White what they are and whats makes them so special...

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