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Meeting  Mafia

After almost 100 hours of travelling which included four countries, two cancelled flights and an unexpected two-day stop in Addis Ababa, I’d already had my fair share of adventure before even setting foot on Mafia Island.

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Five Things you didn't know about  Jellyfish

Did you know there are over 2,000 species of jellyfish in the world, with many of them living in the waters of the coast off Tanzania. I love jellyfish, and since being on Mafia Island, I’ve learnt more and more about them, which has only fuelled this fire! I share my favourite facts here...

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My favourite moments on  Mafia

After I graduated, I spent five months in southern Africa, completing an internship, a volunteer placement and several weeks backpacking around five countries in total. It was my first time in the continent, and I fell in love with the people, landscapes and experience of living in Africa.

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End of the  Road

I’ve been on Mafia Island for almost three months now and I’m sad to say my time is almost up.

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What it's really like on the Mafia Island  Camp

So you’ve received your field brief, started studying for your PADI Open Water course, and you’ve learn how to count to ten in Swahili. You’re feeling prepared for the volunteering part of your project, but what about the living part? Well no fear, we’re here to debunk any myths, answer any questions and prepare you for life on Camp Frontier.

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The Definitive Mafia Island Bucket  List

So, flights are booked, bags are packed and goodbyes have been said. You’re on your way to Mafia Island!

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