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A Typical Day On  Camp

In keeping with the African life style, everything on camp is polepole (slow and steady!).

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Fish Are Friends Not Food

When you see fish do you think food? Here we delve into fish farming techniques and discover which ones are best to avoid if we want to protect our oceans and fish stocks

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The Sublime Scuba Diving of Tanzania

Tanzania. I've heard so much about this country with regards to the diving, so when I saw a post for a Dive Officer role on Mafia Island, I jumped at the opportunity to apply with the hope that this diving dream may come to fruition. Before I knew it, I had been accepted!

So I packed my bags and found myself on the first flight to Tanzania. As soon as I arrived on the Frontier Camp, I was greeted with open arms by not only the staff and volunteers but also the local community. And with the camp being a stone’s throw from the beach, it really was a dream come true! I was itching to get into the water as soon as I arrived, so we arranged a snorkel trip to a place called Coral Rock, the following day, which just made me more enthusiastic to get diving. Within no time at all, we were gearing up to hop on our boat, ready to dive.

3,2,1, roll! And I was off the boat and swimming in the clear, blue, calm waters of the Indian Ocean. The abundance of marine life and variety of species gave me a Cheshire cat grin from start to finish!

As a dive enthusiast and instructor, I've been lucky enough to have dived all over the world but none of the other places even come close to the beauty of diving on Mafia Island. The colour of the fish and coral are almost like an artist got carried away with a vibrant painting, from the parrot fish to the angels and butterfly fish, blues, yellows, greens all in fluorescent forms.

I have now been here for three weeks and it appears that this place does not stop amazing me, tonight we have a night dive planned, the first since I've arrived and I can’t wait to see what wonders of the sea are in stall for us...

By Luke Reynolds - Dive Officer

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