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Diving With  Frontier

I am actually a student in my gap year, feeling a bit confused about my studies later on, but I did this trip to learn about animal conservation. As I want to, in the future protect our environment as long as I can.

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Patrolling The Bay In Mafia Island Marine  Park

Our day starts with getting up at roughly 05:30. After getting our gear ready (notepad, binoculars, phones) we walk down to Big Blu to meet with a member of the marine park team and the boat captain. Once we have checked the boat is ready to go (fuel, lifejackets etc.) we head out into the bay, usually shortly after 06:00.

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Trip To  Mewe

We walked down to the beach and got into a little boat which ferried us across to Chole Island. We were met there by Maya and her parents Jean and Anne, and Nicki too.

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Crown Of Thorns  Cull

When most people think of conservation it usually inspires thoughts of researchers studying animal behaviour, patrolling some vast wilderness, designating an area as a national park/reserve or freeing a trapped animal from a net. So it may seem odd to some that killing animals for conservation purposes is practised.

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Winter In Africa

So up until this year every winter I have had has been full of Christmas spirit, cold, sleet and snow. This year was to be very different and also daunting as I was going to spend it in Tanzania as Project Coordinator for Frontier. It turned out to be a lovely and memorable time.

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Part IV: Little Island, Lots To See

Our Assistant Research Officer gives us an indepth account of the beauty that Mafia Island beholds... read on and imagine..

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