Volunteer Blog: Shontay

On our most recent dive to Coral Gardens we were trying our hand at identifying some of the invertabrate species we had been learning about.  After staring at what I believed was a clam for several minutes, I had one of those brain re-arranging moments where I was able to see the picture behind the pattern . Can you see what animal is actually in this picture?

How about now?

Scorpionfish, named for the venom in their fin tips, are excellent when it comes to camouflauging into their surroundings. They use their skin flaps and tassles (which can be seen around the mouth) to help them change colors to match the rocks or corals that are sitting on, under, or next to.  During the day they sit motionless  on the sea floor waiting for lunch to come to them. Lucky for us no one put their hand down on this “rock”.

By Shontay, volunteer

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