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Settling Into Life In  Tanzania

I arrived on the 1st of May with my brother and was met in the airport by Rama and Jason wearing a Frontier t-shirt. The ride to camp was in a tuk tuk, it was the first time I had properly seen Africa, it really was breath taking. On the first night we went to a local house for some rice and fish which was amazing and we all took the time to get to know each other a little more, later in the evening we had some drinks and went to watch a football game. It was clear to see we were all going to get on very well.

The layout for our week is usually something along the lines of one or two snorkel surveys a day among other activites like having a game of football with the local kids and doing beach cleans. It was really interesting learning about all the different types of fish, seagrass and inverts especially since I have a younger brother at home interested in sea life.

Having a friend like Rama is really helpful as Swahili is his first language, he is always helping us out with situations like buying things in Kilindoni. He seems to know everyone on the island and is always offering to help us out with anything. That’s the Rama charm.

Jason is a great advisor to have on camp; on the flight over I can remember being sceptical about having a very uptight member of staff and it being more challenging to get on with them. From the moment I met him I knew it would all be chill, he’s one of the most laid back guys I’ve ever met and I look forward to getting another chance to meet him.

Most importantly this whole experience was held together by my big brother who’s my number one partner in crime. If I have nobody else on camp I always got him for a laugh and a cracking bit of banter.

By Levi Battelley - Tanzania Volunteer

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