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Diving With  Frontier

I am actually a student in my gap year, feeling a bit confused about my studies later on, but I did this trip to learn about animal conservation. As I want to, in the future protect our environment as long as I can.

I did this trip specially to learn about marine biology because it interests me a lot, and I wanted to know how could I contribute to this project. While learning about the marine ecosystem in Mafia Island, I completed my Open Water course.

After that being done, I was able to dive with the team in order to collect the data on different diving sites. Learning about the different types of marine organisms (inverts, corals and fish) on which I’m still working on! I was able to see the marine life here, which is so amazing, and wanting (even if I’m not qualified enough to contribute a lot for this project) to be able to help as much as I can, to help Demi with her reports in order to see if damage is still being caused on the reefs.

I am receiving a lot of information about the marine wildlife and the species here. For the moment I’ve learnt a bit of everything, but I managed to go through the inverts and the corals, in order to have enough knowledge to collect the data.

We usually dive at the end of the week, two dives per day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, spaced by one hour between both dives. During these dives, we roll a transect of 50m and from 0 to 20 metres, I write down all the inverts I see and note them on a slate, having a break between 20 and 30 metres, continuing to write down the data from 30 to 50 metres.

This helps me firstly, to improve my diving every week, which will definitively help me in the future. (as I am now really certain to study biology and it will be very useful for some future stuff like this). It also gives me some really good basis in biology, after the classes given by Demi and the team on camp, learning a lot about species I didn’t even know before, being so curious and fascinated by all that wildlife that we really need to preserve, starting from now.

This project, with the dives is a great experience, helping me in diving for the future and in giving me knowledge about the ecosystems, what composes them and what are the steps that we have to take in order to save them. Which has to be (and should be) a primary concern nowadays, to preserve the planet. With this trip, I am sure that I want to study biology and continue in that path, to help for some great causes like the case of Mafia Island’s Marine Park.

By Jay-Lloyd Ancey - Tanzania Volunteer

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