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Trip To  Mewe

We walked down to the beach and got into a little boat which ferried us across to Chole Island. We were met there by Maya and her parents Jean and Anne, and Nicki too.

We then switched boats and headed out to Mewe Island. During the journey we had fascinating chats with Jean & Anne about biology and marine conservation. They are true experts!

We arrives at the idyllic island and made our way to the beach. Once settled we went for a swim in the warm water before having a delicious lunch amongst the mangroves.

Afterwards, we moved to an open area of beach and played games of Viking chess, a very simple but hugely enjoyable game consisting primarily of throwing sticks at other sticks!

We played games, sat and enjoyed the sun (got burnt!), listened to music, swam and discussed all things mafia!

Once suitably fed, relaxed, and happy we boarded the boar for out return trip to Chole. This time the wind was behind us to we unfurled the sail and drifted back on the wind. All very relaxing and calming.

We said our goodbyes on Chole and embarked on the 10 minute crossing back to Mafia. It was a very fun, relaxing, informative and enjoyable day!

By James Di Basio - Tanzania Marine Volunteer

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