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A Typical Day On  Camp

In keeping with the African life style, everything on camp is polepole (slow and steady!).

The day starts off with handmade chapatti that we get from the village. Add some fresh picked limes from our tree on camp with some tea and you’re ready to start the day!

However if it’s your turn on camp duty your day starts a little earlier, at 6.30! You have a morning workout filling up the buckets as water for the day (6 in the kitchen and 5 for the shower) and you have to make sure camp is clean.

Usually in the morning we either have a lecture or revise our fish, corals and invert species. The topic of lectures are mostly about coral and fish ID in your first few weeks. However the more you master these, the more diverse the lectures become. The main themes revolve around marine biology and conservation of course. However, it ranges from statistics lectures to fishing techniques!

After a great home cooked meal of either rice, rice and beans or beans and rice, we usually go out on surveys!

Marine wise, we have 2 snorkelling surveys; seagrass or mangroves, plus some diving surveys.

After these have been completed we come back to enjoy our warm bucket showers and dose up on mosquito spray to get us through the night! We then cook another wonderful meal of rice, rice and beans or beans and rice.

The evening then goes one of two typical ways; either we fight for the hammocks and enjoy a book and gazing at the stars, or we go test our pool skills in one of the nearby lodges, with a well-deserved beer…or fresh drink.

By Camille Pépin - Tanzania Marine Volunteer

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