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Why You Should Visit A Botanical  Garden

Botanic gardens are situated all over the world in some of the most beautiful locations. There is a garden situated in every continent, allowing you to tick off your travel list whilst appreciating the beautiful nature they display.

Australia, Russia, America and Egypt are just some of the countries able to show off a Botanic Garden. All the beauty and history on offer unfortunately doesn’t come for free, however the idyllic atmosphere and insane gardening skills are worth the reasonable entry fees.

If you are a fan of plants or love to garden, heading to a Botanical garden will definitely give you some plant envy! The amount of work that gets put into creating the colourful patterns and incredible displays definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, with secret pathways and hidden planters to be discovered around every corner. This great attention to detail also proves great for photography, with the tall landscapes and pops of colour creating incredible imagery, leaving you with great memories trapped inside beautiful pictures.

pixabay | wsk4715It isn’t just the plants you are able to appreciate either. The history and background behind the gardens are cleverly linked into the design of them, making it a beautiful and educational environment. The Botanic garden in Edinburgh has a secret maze made out of hedges shaped into letter ‘E’s as a memory of Queen Elizabeth. Some of the first Botanic Gardens in the 16th Century were medicinal gardens, and from this derived the Gardens we know today that display strange, exotic and newly discovered plants. Only in these gardens across the globe will you find some of the weirdest and wonderful plant species on the planet.

pixabay | JamesDeMers Humongous greenhouses are hidden within the gardens, home to tropical plant life, ponds, cacti and much more. The huge class structures great a modern twist in the gardens, with large glass windows to be seen stood tall with the trees. Alongside these modern buildings sit beautiful restaurants and gift shops, perfect for picking up souvenirs or gifts to take home to loved ones, and for taking a pit stop in between walking around and admiring the beauty. Even if alike me you aren’t a plant lover, the gardens are a great place to go to have a walk and a bite to eat.

Another amazing reason to visit one of these hidden corners of colour is for the calming atmosphere you experience. All the wildlife and towering greenery can seem overpowering, yet at the same time it feels like you are in some kind of heaven. Life outside of the garden gates seems to have stopped and you feel like you have all the time in the world. The simplicity of nature takes over and for a moment you forget about all the stress and worry there is to be discovered in the outside world. Appreciative tourists take slow, silent walks, sit on a bench and have a moment to themselves or share the moment with a loved one.

pixabay | selahtvIf you are a traveller and looking for something great to experience, Botanic Gardens are definitely tourist attractions worth considering. As they are situated all over the world, they could be used to create a travel plan or made to be aspirational places to visit in the future. The countries they are in have much more on offer and a Botanic Garden could just begin your adventure!

By Cerys Jones - Voices for the Future

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