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Go Ethical! How To Make Conscious Buying Decisions

39% of UK adults have made a conscious decision in ethical buying in the last year. With so many companies in the world churning out new and exciting ideas every day, why should you also care if they are ethical?

Each year, businesses grow and the pressures of profit loom nearby. Whilst profit is important to any company, more consumers are realising it shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment, animals or employee wellbeing.

Thankfully, you don’t even have to speak anymore to get your voice heard. We all use daily essentials such as shower/bath gels, food, clothes and make-up but with companies such as Lush, H&M and Green People, quality and ethical daily products are making your everyday routine count toward decades of environmental protection.

Shower/ Bath products:

Lush are a popular brand that make vegetarian bath, shower, hair products and cosmetics. Lush has stated, “We believe in making effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.” The company does not test on animals but rather human volunteers and are huge spokespeople for animal and human rights. There’s no doubting Lush products are ethical but more importantly, they work! Zoella (Zoe Sugg), a popular YouTube personality has commented about Lush’s Heavanilli Massage Bar: ‘I can’t get enough of this’. Moreover, with natural ingredients such as Fairtrade shea butter as well as cocoa butter, this is not a brand to ignore. Who knew it was so easy to save animals and the environment and look and feel so good doing it.


Flickr | Jonathan RolandeAnother mainstream clothing brand is H&M. In 2013, H&M began a campaign to ensure every worker for their company earnt a decent wage; they set up collection points for customers to recycle their old clothes and they launched a Conscious Line with clothing made from ethical materials such as recycled polyester and wool. By recycling these materials, H&M take both an environmental and fashion forward approach to ethical living so you can look good and feel good that you’re doing good.


Eating ethically isn’t just vegetarianism or veganism, its consuming foods that have been grown without pesticides, fertilizers or genetic modification. Ethical meat is raised without antibiotics and also isn’t caged. Ethical food has been sourced and grown by happy workers who earn a decent wage through Fairtrade deals which ensure trade between companies in developing countries and developed countries is respectful and fair. This means that the producers earn a decent amount of money for every Fairtrade product that is sold such as bananas or coffee which are every day breakfast staples. Just look out for the Fairtrade sticker and the next time you happily sip your coffee, you’ll know you’re promoting ethical values.

In the battle of ethics versus profit, these companies show that victory can be achieved by respecting ethical values. It’s a balancing act, but these companies stand up steadily for ethical responsibility and through conscious purchasing, consumers in turn support fairness and sustainability.   

By Sophie Moss - Voices for the Future


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