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Week 3 in South East  Asia

Welcome to week three of the trial. This week covers a lot of traveling and relaxing.

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The Different Sides of  Tourism

As I have been traveling with the group and often in my past travels, I start to think about tourism in a few different lights. Obviously I continue to travel and love the exposure to new cultures. Ultimately I believe that with more introductions to people that come from different backgrounds than  myself, the world will be a better place with more peace and understanding.

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Teaching on the Trail

With an estimated statistic of 45% of Cambodian children dropping out of primary schoo, and with more than 20% repeating a grade - it is not presumptuous to assume that education within Cambodia is at a concerning level.

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Teaching In  Cambodia

The group are starting to enjoy the teaching this week as the more time spent with their class they start to figure out the class dynamics and this makes it easier to find out which teaching style works for each group or individuals.

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