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Royal  Families

I am an American, so royal families and monarchies are foreign to me. I have never had a king or queen that I follow and so I am trying to wrap my head around it all.

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Fresh  Fruit!

One of my favorite parts of Southeast Asia is the fresh tropical fruit. So much is available at your fingertips wherever you go. The bright colors and new tastes you find in each market place. And there are so many ways to enjoy these new delights.

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Week 9 - Hello  Vietnam

We were then back on the bus for another 3 hours where we had the chance to take in the greenery of Vietnam...

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Since arriving 6 weeks ago I have eaten many different Asian dishes. I have managed to eat western food only once which was McDonalds out of convenience. It will be peculiar not eating noodle soup or omelet on rice for breakfast everyday back in the U.K.

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The Angkor Wat  Temples

Angkor Wat is one of the top places to visit whilst in Cambodia and for a good reason. It's listed as the seventh wonder of the world and is a national treasure of Cambodia.

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