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Hammocks and Melons - Tori Milone

Due to Independence Day on Wednesay we only had a four day school week so this past weekend we spent a long weekend on the island of Koh Rong.

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Seeing the Supermoon - Alberte Sorensen 

Last weekend we had four days of school because there was a water festival in Siem Reap so the school was closed. So we decided to take a four days tour to the beach.

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Teaching is so rewarding!

It’s been almost a week and so far and Siem Reap has proved to exceed beyond our expectations. The first night we got here we were able to explore what the town’s nightlife has to offer. The food is surprisingly well priced but good. We enjoy getting to know the other teaching volunteers that have already begun their placement over a traditional Cambodian dinner.

First day teaching I was thrown into the deep end, being unexpectedly thrown into the kindergarten class with another volunteer. After an eventful yet rewarding class we both ended up signing up to teach kindergarten every day! I find myself planning lessons throughout the day looking forward to what I can offer to their English learning experience. Every day we leave at 8 am do begin our 30 minute walk to the school. Watching the children play for another 30 minutes we gather our lesson books and prepare before school begins at 9 am. Once the children get to their seats they stand straight with their hands together welcoming the teachers to the class every morning. Heads up, you have to tell them to sit down or else  they will stand there awkwardly for a while. 

When the actual lesson begins I realize how eager the children are to learn. Although they are restless, they love to participate and interact with the teacher. Once I got the idea of what kind of learners these kids are it came across to me that learning games and giving the children a chance to participate is the best way to teach them. The language barrier can be frustrating but when the children understand your lesson it’s the best feeling ever. Even if they don’t understand your lesson, which will happen, you get into the habit of improvising in front of the class. By the end of the class children are swarming you hugging your legs just to say goodbye proving their appreciation for you. All in all these kids are amazing and worth every single minute of your time.

By Steph, Trail Volunteer

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Cambodia and the case of the missing iPad!

So we left Koh Pha Ngan in a big blow out and over night buses to Bangkok for one last day and night on the Koh San Road. Everyone spent the day doing a bit of shopping and we treated ourselves to some excellent cake! It was much deserved after all the travel and it's amazing how much a good bit of cake lifts the spirits.

A unanimous groan erupted as we then got on another bus this time to Cambodia but with the promise of fresh new adventure it wasn't so bad. Our border crossing went smoothly and within no time we were waiting for our connecting bus to Siem Reap.

But wait! Oh no with 13 people it seems nothing is ever simple and the closest thing to real life Cluedo I've ever experienced in my life was about to happen.

As we finally boarded the bus we found ourselves to be missing an iPad! Volunteer Danielle had been a bit silly and left her iPad out on the bench whilst she went elsewhere in the bus terminal. Not the best idea but it was a very quiet terminal.

Thinking to get a police number to claim back on insurance we informed a terminal police officer... organised chaos ensued! It seemed every worked from the terminal practically came out of hiding to help in the case of the missing iPad. CCTV was watched with intensity until... Wait! Was that the cleaner stuffing something into her rubbish bag?! Yes!

It was the cleaning lady! She was called out to return the pad which she did with indifference and then a merry photo shoot of Steph and Danielle with the police offers who were all very happy with themselves as well followed before we all got back on the bus and headed out to Siem Reap!

A strange, amusing and endearing start... Cambodia we already love you!

By Maria Sowter, Trailer Leader

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