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Water and Moon Festival - Week  5!

This week we have been lucky enough to witness the annual water and moon festival - Bonn Om Toeuk.

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Fresh  Fruit!

One of my favorite parts of Southeast Asia is the fresh tropical fruit. So much is available at your fingertips wherever you go. The bright colors and new tastes you find in each market place. And there are so many ways to enjoy these new delights.

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Birthday  Celebrations

It can be really fun to have your birthday in a different country. The celebrations nearly always differ to home and since we’ve been in Siem Reap for three weeks now there are plenty of people we know that can join in on the celebrations!

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The Night Bus

If you read about the best countries to travel to you’ll be blown away by photos of amazing places, landscapes, people, cultures and many more of the things that give people the travel bug.

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