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Week 9 - Hello  Vietnam

We were then back on the bus for another 3 hours where we had the chance to take in the greenery of Vietnam...

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Another Month Down 

I can't believe another month had nearly past! I'm going to miss the people, sunsets, and food on this tropical paradise very much.

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The Beach Project

"Hello teacher" I hear as I sit with Grace on the pier, the young girl is talking to Grace, their new teacher. Grace has a big grin on her face, she has just taught her first lesson as part of the beach conservation project. Using pictures and a lot of fun actioning out she will spend her afternoons teaching the community children different ways to protect the island environment.

The small village Grace is volunteering on is a beautiful little bay off the coast of Cambodia. You can walk from one side of the bay to the other in 5 minutes and spend your downtime relaxing on handmade hammocks surrounded by the bright blue ocean and palm trees.There are stands where locals sell fresh cut up pineapples and watermelons for only $1 and an old pier where you can jump straight into the ocean.

The aim of the project is to protect and rebuild the reef environment around the island. The project focuses on education and restoration as its long term aims and invites volunteers to come help out to make this possible. Some activities Grace will be getting up to in the next 4 weeks include beach cleanups, reef surveys and teaching the local community on how to best protect the island environment as a whole. A great project to be involved in on the eco trail.

By Shannon Burke - South East Asia Trail Leader

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Back To Reality - Vietnam, We Say Hello!

After saying the last goodbyes to our amazing RA Robyn and a group of friends that we are surely to meet again somewhere around the world, it was time for us to leave the islands and to get back to the reality. The first few nights were dedicated for Cambodia’s Capital- Phnom Penh.

You should have seen our faces when we saw our hostel! It had big beds! And air-conditioning! And Wi-Fi! And it was...civilisation. Women and kids selling useless things for 1 dollar, bars full of girls asking everyone in and offering cheap beer. Not that its horrible or anything, just camping was really the REAL DEAL 

We spent some time exploring the town, visited the Killing fields and S21 museum and even though they were great and informative places to learn about Cambodia’s history, you clearly see that the atmosphere of the group has changed for the saddest we have ever had on the trail- hearing the true stories who have lived through Khmer Rouge Genocide and Civil wars touched every one of us.

And that is when our trail leader introduced ‘random handstands’, which brought us a new challenge of making the best handstand one has ever seen next to the place we were exploring. We took the challenge all around the city and ended the our stay with practicing some impressive gymnastics routines!

It was time for us to cross the border over to Vietnam and it was the most ridiculous border we have ever crossed. We woke up in the middle of the night just to jump out of the bus, walk a couple hundred meters, get back on the bus, then do the same thing again and put our back packs through the scanner machine and that was it- the boarder was crossed. No one even bothered to properly look at our passports, and we spent ages at the immigration getting the visa!

The first stop in Vietnam was HCMC. Here our boys felt the urge to try some of the unusual foods for the Westerners and Robbie ate a full bowl of frog legs for dinner! Bon Appetit! Christian was not far behind with his orders and tasted all of the local cuisine that had pig sides in it.

As if the world wasn’t small enough we bumped into our previous travel companion Sarah that we have met earlier in Siem Riep, we took her with us when going exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, fancy a crawl of 150meters in slightly claustrophobic tunnels anyone? 

As our boys have decided to embrace the travellers culture and cut their hair extremely short, their new style was highly cheered by the locals- if not a pat on the head then it would have to be a stroke of Christians beard!

Next stop after Saigon was Mui Ne, a little town on the coast. Oh boy we had some fun in here! We took a day trip to do and explore some magical surroundings and enjoy some sand-boarding on the dunes! Of course, we couldn’t leave the handstands alone and it was time for us to feel as childish as we could ever be: rolling and jumping down the dunes, making starfishes on the sand and meeting the sunset on the top of it.

Our next stop was another little paradise along the coast called Nha Trang. Here we stuck to what we do best- cycling tours! The streets of Nha Trang are absolutely insane! You may want to turn left, but it will be completely not up to you, but up to the local traffic thus you may need to cycle a few kilometres down to actually make a U turn! Crazy but an awesome experience (If you can cycle in Nha Trang you can cycle anywhere)! We have finished our cycling tour with visiting the National Oceanographic museum, and we wish we could have known to take our fish encyclopaedia because oh boy that place has some fish! It was great to see all of the little fish we have spotted whilst we have been diving just a week ago! If only they could let all of the turtles go free....

It is strange to realise that we are more than two months in our great adventure, with the time ticking we want to use it wisely and go and explore more, see everything and experience it all! It is only a week left, let’s go team- let’s see Vietnam!

By The South East Asia Trail Team

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