Teaching In  Cambodia

The group are starting to enjoy the teaching this week as the more time spent with their class they start to figure out the class dynamics and this makes it easier to find out which teaching style works for each group or individuals.

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From Thailand To  Cambodia

The next stage of our trail was from Thailand to Cambodia, and what a stage it was too...

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Week 2 And The Water  Festival

Thailand has been full of celebrations this week for the Thai new year called Songkan, also known as the water festival.

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Week  1

Our first week of the trip was spent in Bangkok and Chiangmai. In Bangkok we visited the Wat Pho temple and the grand palace, the architecture at these sites was a huge contrast to the more westernised style of the rest of the city.

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South East Asia Trail - Best  Bits

When I first decided to take a gap year, Frontier was an organisation recommended to me by a friend for travelling (since I was 18 and my parents wouldn't even think of letting me travel alone). There are hundreds of trails to choose from on the Frontier website and it was an incredibly tough decision to choose but here is why I'm glad I picked the South East Asia trail:

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