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Welcome to Week  4!

During this week, we stayed in Koh Pha Ngan for the majority of the week. Most of the days in Koh Pha Ngan were spend at the hostel "Dancing Elephant Beach Club’’. This hostel is located right on the beach and has a nice little bar – serving amazing food, hammocks and a couple of swings. We had one activity namely going to a beach called Mea Haad Beach on the northern part of the island. On this beach there is a small island called Ko Ma. It is possible to walk to this island via sandbank if it is a low-tide. If it is a high-tide, you have to swim. There is a snorkeling area around Ko Ma allowing you to see many exotic fishes.

Some members of the group went to the half-moon party. The following day we had to leave early and travel to Koh Phi Phi. We had a day trip around Koh Phi Phi which consisted of a boat ride taking us to hotspots (shark point, Bamboo Island, Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Viking Cave) around the island. We were loaded with fruits and biscuits. We received a lovely lunch. Throughout the trip, water, coffee and tea were available. It was a lovely day around the islands of Thailand.

Throughout the weekend we have travelled from Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok by ferry and night bus. We were picked up by a private taxi which took us from Bangkok to Siem Reap. We crossed the border on our own and reached Siem Reap after traveling for almost 30 hrs. The next blog will give some detailed information about Siem Reap. A fun fact – if you exit Thailand – just before entering Cambodia – you are in nowhere. There is no state but a few shops. Do not buy anything here but cherish the moments you spend in a place which has no name.

See you soon,

By Joëlle Glerum - South East Asia Trail Leader

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