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The latest leg of the  trail

The journey from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok took around 3hrs. Along the way there was some magnificent sites with some breathtaking views.

The journey went rather quickly and after what seemed like 30 minutes we arrived in Bangkok. Although previously staying in Bangkok, the surreal atmosphere of the chaotic town still shocked me. We ate lunch on the buzzing restaurant road near Khoa San. The street was very busy, with a vast mixture of tourists and locals.

We then made our way through the dense crowds towards Khoa San road itself. Here we shopped for clothes in the overwhelming street markets. It was now time to go to the bus station where we would start our journey to Thailands beautiful southern islands. This particular leg of the journey involved a 12-hour night bus, then a 2-hour ferry trip to the first island, Koh Samui.

The first thing that hit me when arriving in Koh Samui was the lack of infrastructure and noise that the cities we previously went to had. We made our way to the hostel, Samui Hostel, where we finally got to put down our heavy bags. We then explored the surrounding area. It was beautiful. There was endless lengths of beaches, filled with dazzling golden sand. The beaches were also beaming with local salesmen and women offering ice cream, massages and towels. We spent the next few days chilling on the beaches, preparing ourself for the up coming volunteer work in Cambodia. On the last day in Samui we rented scooters and went to see Big Buddha and watched the stunning sunset which made my toes tingled. After 4 days in Samui our time was over, it was now time for the next island. A shorter ferry journey this time, covering about 45 mins.

We arrived on the party island of Koh Phangan. A quieter island with a lot more green jungle environment vibe. Our hostel was perfectly located on the beach which made it feel like we were on a luxury break rather than a backpacking holiday. However on the first day here it rained so we could not make the most of this. We did however spend time in a few small amazing restaurants and wondered up to the local shopping center for a browse. So far this trip has been amazing and I am looking forward to the next for weeks in South East Asia.

By Thomas Drinkwater - South East Asia Trail Volunteer

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