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Make The Most Of Week 4

On our final day on Koh Tao, the group split into two, one half of which went on a casual hike, and the other half remained behind to relax on the beach. On the evening, everyone enjoyed a night out watching ladyboys at the Queen’s Cabaret. The next day consisted wholly of travel, until we arrived at our next island, Koh Samui. With it being a long day, we simply ate and rested for the week ahead.

   The following day we arranged some activities, the first of which being football golf. Although fun, the combination of the heat and the poor choice of footwear made us glad to reach the end.

   The next day we went on a sightseeing tour to visit more Buddha statues, as well as some local landmarks. Later on we visited the beach and played Frisbee.

   The next morning was an early one with most of the group being awoken at 6 by one eager volunteer for a snorkelling and kayaking trip. The hour taxi ride took us to the pier where we boarded our boat for the day. The boat took us to a national park first where there was a 500m climb to the view point, on the way up we saw a family of monkeys which were very cute. We then enjoyed a tasty and filling lunch aboard our boat and set sail for the kayaking spot. Our group just so happened to miss the two smaller boats taking everyone to the beach, a result of minor misunderstanding, and so the five of us were transported in our own boat.

   When we finally arrived to the beach most people were already sailing away in their kayak, leaving 3 of the girls with only one paddle between us. They shared a kayak and took turns with the paddle, and once amid the sea they were delivered another paddle. Then there was a small section designated for us to snorkel, although quite shallow the coral was alive and a very interesting sight. The boat then took us back to the pier and our voyage was almost over.

   On Wednesday, we played mini golf, whilst a couple of others went out on another excursion to see a mummified monk as well as take part in ziplining and swimming in a waterfall.


By Alex - South East Asia Trail Volunteer 


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