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Snorkelling in Koh Tao 

We went snorkelling! We were picked up from our hostel and taken to the pier where we were given a mask and snorkel which would be ours for the day.

We boarded the boat with about thirty other tourists and headed off to another island. After a short walk, down to the beach from the pier we got in the water and immediately saw a large coral reef in front of us. On the reef we saw octopus, rainbow fish, yellow tangs, sea anemones and lots of other species. After an hour and a half here we got back on our boat and headed along the coast. The next snorkelling site was a lot deeper so you had to hold your breath and dive down to the rocks and coral. Between this bay and the next we were given fresh water melon, pineapple and a lunch of fried rice and chicken which tasted surprisingly good. At the next two bays, we saw a lot more coral and large schools of fish. We were told there was a chance we could see clown fish and blue tangs amongst the anemones but the only member of the finding nemo crew we spotted was ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Gill’. The boat then took us around to shark bay where black tip reef sharks are often spotted. You could feel the suspense and hope of seeing the sharks as we jumped off the boat for the last time. Swimming along, it suddenly looked like a patch of the coral was moving. After a double take I realised I was looking down on a turtle with two yellow remoras on its back. After signalling excitedly to the other snorkelers around me we followed the turtle for a couple of minutes. We got the signal to get back on the boat, so sadly we saw no sharks but the turtle more than made up for it! The boat then took us back to the pier and the taxi took us back to the hostel.


By Natasha Wallis - South East Asia Trail Leader 


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