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Week 9 - Hello  Vietnam

We crossed the Cambodian border at 12pm a man took the whole buses passports at the beginning of the trip and once at the border he got them stamped! not one person checked if we actually matched these passports, very worrying. We then received them back at the Vietnam border where a man glanced at them. We were then back on the bus for another 3 hours where we had the chance to take in the greenery of Vietnam.

We quickly realised that the roads are crazy in Vietnam especially within cities the drivers constantly using their horns to warn others of their presence and the rule is if it's bigger then you, it is your responsibility to get out the way. Crossing roads is a challenge we did this with the tactic of safety in numbers and crossed together looking all ways possible some motors will slow down for you but some speed up to try and miss you this is a judgment you don't want to get mixed up.

In Vietnam Between 1954 and 1975 there was a controversial war between communist Northern Vietnam and Southern Vietnam and ally which was The United States, Known to westerners as the Vietnam War, this second Indochina War was known to its victors as "The American War" or "War Against the Americans to Save the Nation". Visiting the tunnels and museum enlighten us of the disturbing activities which took place.

The tunnels allow you to see the living conditions of what fighting in the Vietnam War was like. The tunnels have actually been made larger for westerners to be able to fit down them more comfortably if that's possible. There is many tunnel hiding place which is small and suffocating even after being made wider.

We rented a jeep in a town call mui ne where we visited The white Mui Ne sand dunes and red sand dunes, The bright orange glow of the sands is beautiful to see under the sun and to watch the sun disappear in to the sand at sunset. We rented some quad bikes to explore the dunes which is a great experience.

Fairy Stream was also on the list to visit and was not a let down it is a slow flowing stream of water which you can walk in that is surrounded by bright orange rock which looks picture perfect.

Our next journey is to hoi an which Initials a 11 hour bus, however these are sleeper buses so you can lay down to sleep and get comfortable bus the drivers are not the smoothest and make it s very bumpy ride which is an experience within its self.

By Alex Foggoa - South East Asia Trail Leader

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