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Travelling  Tips!

Below are some tips from travelling that I’d like to pass on if you’re thinking of backpacking, especially in South East Asia. These suggestions are from my own experiences and the volunteers on this trail. Everyone is different and not all of these will apply but I hope they might be useful!

Pack light

  • The reality of backpacking is you’re going to be carrying your bag to catch a bus or climb five flights of stairs to get to your room in the hostel
  • The lighter your bag is the easier it is for you to caryy!
  • Plus, you’ll likely buy souvenirs and clothes to take home. The more space you have the more you can buy.

Bring two adaptors

  • Nothing is ever lost when you are backpacking, only momentarily misplaced. However, sometimes you do lose some of your belongings.
  • I’d recommend bring two adaptors. They are light and don’t take up too much space. You can buy an adaptor in Asia; however they tend to be cheap and are a fire hazard.

Invest in a multipoint plug

  • On the topic of electrical; a plug with multiple USB points allows you to charge your phone, camera, portable charger, at the same time.
  • It’s very useful when there’s only one plug socket in the room.

 Buy a portable charger

  • This is a life saver. On those long bus journeys when your phone dies, there’s no plug socket to charge it, and you need to contact your hostel to arrange a pickup, a portable charger is your best friend!

Nothing valuable

  • Don’t bring your favourite t-shirt from home or your expensive Ray Ban sunglasses. As mentioned previously things get lost when you’re travelling.
  • Wearing obviously expensive items, such as sunglasses or expensive earrings, can make you a target for thieves.

Buy things over here

  • If you’re travelling for 2.5 months there’s no need to bring that amount of shampoo and conditioner.
  • Everywhere sells these essentials, from supermarkets to street stalls!
  • This applies to insect repellent, washing powder, toothpaste, amongst other things.

Travel towel

  • I would recommend bringing a travel towel with you. Not all hostels supply one and they can be very useful.
  • Don’t bring a normal towel! These take ages to dry whereas travel towels take hardly any time to dry.

Money belt

  • I’ve found this to be very useful. It allows you to carry the main bulk of your money tucked into your shorts/trousers and mostly safe.
  • You should invest in a decent bag as it’s frustrating if they break!

I hope some of these tips might help in the future. Safe travels!

By Emma Eteen - South East Asia Trail Leader

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