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Birthday  Celebrations

It can be really fun to have your birthday in a different country. The celebrations nearly always differ to home and since we’ve been in Siem Reap for three weeks now there are plenty of people we know that can join in on the celebrations!

This week it was Reeya’s birthday and fortunately it fell on a Friday when we were all teaching at the local school. This meant the children could join in on the birthday wishes too. Some of the students in Reeya’s class had made beautiful paper flowers for her and we had bought some large pieces of card to make birthday cards that everyone could sign. It was really sweet, especially when the whole school sang her happy birthday at the end of class.

In the evening we all had dinner together and headed back to Funky Flashpackers Sky Bar for a few drinks. Earlier in the day we had bought Reeya a cake from a local bakery and all the staff at Funky were amazing with organising everyone in the bar to sing happy birthday to her while we bought out the cake.

We finished the day off by partying on Pub Street, adeptly named due to the many bars found all along it. All in all a lovely end to the day!

By Emma Eteen - South East Asia Trail Leader

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