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It's great to be back in South East  Asia

Being back in Southeast Asia is wonderful! I lived in Cameroon for 3.5 years, and loved my time in Africa. But then I took a short trip to SEA, and I fell in love! I was hooked on the region. The kind people, amazing cuisine, and exceptional landscapes, all present in a tropical climate, what more could you ask for?! So when the opportunity to work with Frontier as the Trail Leader for SEA popped up, I felt lucky to be coming back to the area.

This has been a whirlwind week with 12 Volunteers all arriving in a 24 hour period. We were able to explore Bangkok by foot and boat for a few days before taking a night bus to Chiang Mai. Northern Thailand is beautiful. We are next to the mountainous jungled landscapes and have time to do some outdoor activities. The temple in the mountains, visiting the elephant sanctuary, perhaps a cooking class, or simply walking the perimeter of the old city wall. Pace of life is a bit slower here and everyone seems to be enjoying the relative calm to the fast and crazy speed of the capital city.

For me, the appeal of being a trail leader is getting to share a part of the world that I love with others. Helping them to jump out of their comfort zones and grow into a new normal that involves interacting with people from a new environment. I honestly believe that most hatred in the world stems from fear, fear of those things and people that one does not understand. With more exposure to people and places they are different, hopefully we can bridge that gap. One small step at a time and we will get there.

I’m looking forward to the next nine weeks with all of the Volunteers, watching their worlds expand, and learning from them as we dive into this experience together!

Christina Stegura - South East Asia Trail Leader 

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