Khao Sok National  Park

We recently went to visit Khoa Sok which wasn’t originally planned but was recommended to us by other back packers and is with no doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

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The Angkor Wat  Temples

Angkor Wat is one of the top places to visit whilst in Cambodia and for a good reason. It's listed as the seventh wonder of the world and is a national treasure of Cambodia.

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Speaking The Local Language

When going abroad to non-English speaking countries it can be very tempting to rely on local people speaking English instead of attempting to learn a few words of the local language yourself. It’s interesting how English is often used in Thailand between two non-native English speakers to understand each other.

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The Trail So Far!

We’re three weeks into the first South East Asia Trail of 2017 and it feels like we arrived yesterday but it also feels like we’ve been here for months! It’s been a busy but highly enjoyable three weeks, involving travelling to different destinations, staying as some lovely hostels, trying weird and wonderful food and well as seeing and experiencing lots of amazing things.

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The Night Bus

If you read about the best countries to travel to you’ll be blown away by photos of amazing places, landscapes, people, cultures and many more of the things that give people the travel bug.

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