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Volunteer blog: Laura Kalus

Having been here just over a week we are beginning to settle into our daily teaching routine. We are getting to know the children now, learning their names was a difficult process but having mastered that it is a lot easier to have fun with them and appreciate their personalities. Whilst the teaching is very tiring and challenging at times we are enjoying every minute of it and it is so rewarding when you see the improvements in their understanding of English.

The journey to and from school everyday is an experience that requires you to take your life into your own hands! Cycling down busy roads filled with weaving motorbikes, tuk-tuks, cars and buses requires a lot of concentration. Its seems as if each individual road user makes up their own laws, which include not using the correct side of the road or indicating when turning.

After our long, exhausting days it's nice to unwind and do some fun activities which has included visiting a Cambodian circus. We were thrilled to find out that most of the performers where male, in very good shape and did not wear tops! Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed the evening and lunged at the opportunity to have photos with the performers once they were finished. We have also wondered through Siem Reap's night market which is always bustling and we have set aside some time to go back and spend far too much money. 

By Laura Kalus, Trail Volunteer

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