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6 Reasons Why Volunteering is Better than  Travelling

There is nothing quite like the excitement of arriving at a brightly coloured hostel door, in some exotic city that you’ve been drooling over on instagram for the past few months.

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Cetacean Sleep - South Africa Orca Conservation  Project

Cetaceans, or whales and dolphins, have a pretty unique way of getting some shuteye. These marine mammals actually only rest one half of their brain at a time when sleeping, in what is known as unihemispheric slow-wave sleep.

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A Good year For Conservation Volunteering - Australia & New Zealand Projects

Although 2016 hasn't been flowing with optimism, it's been good news for volunteering! Frontier volunteers went out to help with essential conservation projects across Australia and New Zealand and to give you an idea of how much they helped here are some stats Frontier volunteers contributed to:

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