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Brazil Teaching & Community Project - A Day In The Life Of 

Volunteering life here at the project, isn't always easy, though always extremely
rewarding. Here Hannah Furby documents a usual day in the morning shift

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Hop on the Elebus! Sri Lanka Elephant & Leopard Conservation Project 

It's beautiful. It's educational. It saves lives...and it's the world's first EleFriendly Bus from our Sri Lanka Elephant & Leopard Conservation Project

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Help Needed and The Joy Of Reading - Ghana Teaching Project 

Although, my first week of volunteering at the Downsview International School is not over, I have already noticed two critical things and seen the importance of handing a book to a child


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South Africa Community Care Work - Jeanette Morelan Week 2

I came to Africa knowing that my perspective on many things—social change, world issues, and my part in this story—would inevitably shift when met with the reality of living here. This week, I found myself encountering a few realities that have helped me to see life here with new eyes.

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South Africa Zulu Community & Adventure Project - Building a new creche & introducing adventure sports

We had a dramatic start to the new year, with the Beersheba creche building collapsing after the heavy summer rains that were incessant throughout December.

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