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A Busy Few Weeks at Zimbabwe Black Rhino and Elephant  Conservation

The past month has been one full of exceptional highlights; most notably the birth of our new baby white rhino born on October 22nd, healthy and happy and as yet unnamed - suggestions welcomed! Our volunteers have been lucky enough to each spend about 2-3 hours per week with both Mum and baby, monitoring his health and activity and enjoying his cute and cheeky antics. He is just amazing!

Volunteers assisted in undertaking another successful game capture in October and we are once again proud to help areas where wildlife is dwindling repopulate. Game capture is a truly unique way to be very hands on and make real difference and we are proud to be able to trust our volunteers with assisting in such an important operation –  it is a huge highlight for every person involved.

Also, Rhino dehorning took place a few weeks ago and our white rhino bull was fitted with a new anklet during this operation. Volunteers have been learning to use telemetry tracking equipment of late, to assist in locating and protecting our resident rhino. Everyone has enjoyed making use if the new equipment - It has been such an interesting skill to understand and a useful addition to our anti-poaching tactics.

Home life at Imire is full of fun – never a dull moment! Especially with our beautiful dogs who live here at Numwa House! The smallest, Scruffy, was recently rescued and has settled in so nicely. Dogs definitely make a house a home! Spud and Tilly are our other two rescues who brighten the volunteer’s days. Work has just finished on a small orphanage at the volunteer house in anticipation of any animals needing assistance this rainy season. We are happy to have a facility built for this purpose, knowing we can extend a helping hand to any creature in need.

The volunteers have played, and continue to play, such an integral role in the day-to-day running of the conservancy. So many of them have left as lifelong friends, not just to each other, but also to me, Rob and everyone who works on here. To meet such passionate, hard-working and kind people is truly humbling. Enjoy the photos and wish you were here!

Zimbabwe Black Rhino and Elephant Conservation Project

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