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Brazil Teaching & Community Project - A Day In The Life Of 

Volunteering life here at the project isn't always easy, although its always extremely
rewarding. Here Hannah Furby documents a usual day on the morning shift..

8:00 am
Wake Up

8:55 am
Walk to work

School starts. My first hour is admin time for planning,
filing and writing.

Our lovely butmanic three year olds come up for their 45-
minute class. We sing number and alphabet songs with
them to start and then move on to an activity such as
practicing writing their names, creating shapes with play
dough or drawing a picture based on the book of the
week. Afterwards we spend fifteen minutes reading the
book of theweek, highlighting key vocabulary and getting
the kids to practice their English. We finish up by giving
out stickers to the kids who behaved themselves and we
have a final singsong before taking the kids back down to
the crèche.

Break time.We go back to the apartment for some lunch
before starting our afternoon classes.

The four year olds scramble up the stairs and go straight
into their classes. They're split into five groups according
to ability and have a different class each day (Maths,
Science, English, Vocab or Reading). The aim of the
classes is to communicate asmuch as possible in English
while keeping them engaged with different topics. After
the stations, we come together as a group to read the
book and practice some English phrases together.

The five year olds come in ready for their class. We start
with English vocab and reading the book before they go
into their stations, which have a similar structure to the
four year old classes. Discipline is an issue in this class as
well as the four year old class but we tend to have fewer
tears in this class!

This is the 6+ class, our smallest class of the day. Their
class follows the same structure of the five year old class
but we also focus on times tables as well as English
vocabulary for the first half of the class before moving
onto the stations. These kids are exceptionally sassy and
it can be quite difficult to gain their respect.However, they
´re very very funny and can be very charming once you get
to know them.

Home time! Our shift finishes at 3pmand the afternoon is
free to spend as we wish. This could mean running
errands, going to the supermarket, doing laundry,
relaxing or going on trips to the beach or Parque Lage.

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