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Australia Ethical Conservation Experience 

Our Australia Ethical Conservation Experience project supports the recovery of threatened species by providing practical on-ground action to conserve Australia’s unique plants and animals in line with approved recovery plans. Some of the many animals that this projects is currently concentrated on: Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, Tasmanian Devil and Flatback Sea Turtles that are facing extinction; Powerful Owl, Tree Kangaroo and Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat that are rapidly losing good quality habitat.

Rewilding is implemented within this project, which is one of the most exciting movements in conservation ecology.  The concept focuses on re-establishing natural areas and self-regulating ecosystems that require less human intervention over time.  In Australia, rewilding efforts focus on re-establishing populations of native carnivores like dingoes and quolls, which could reduce the effects of feral cats and foxes, and soil engineers like bandicoots and bettongs, whose digging helps distribute native plant seeds and fungus to restore habitat, bringing our landscapes back to their original wild diversity.

The projects also conserves, restores rehabilitates and manages land including parks and reserves to improve ecosystem function, as well as enhances nature in places where people need it most: close to home, coasts, waterways, urban places and community spaces.  All places can use a helping hand, and we help communities to take control of their own patches of nature.

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