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Rescued Hatchlings - Cape Verde Turtle Conservation 

A few weeks ago the rangers were patrolling one of the beaches when they found a section completely covered in trash. As they were passing it they took a closer look and found one hatchling, still alive, struggling through the rubbish in its quest to reach the oceans. They immediately surveyed the beach and found more hatchlings around that were gently picked up and released back into the ocean.

One of them was trapped inside a 1,5L plastic bottle, and without the ranger´s help, it would have died, along with all its brothers and sisters. Trash is a very big problem in Cape Verde, and particularly serious in some of the beaches. It washes up on the shore every night and even with the beach clean up initiatives taken by the community departments, it´s still not enough as more and more piles up. Not just turtles but other wildlife such as birds and fish are affected by this problem and although these turtles were lucky, many others won´t be. The Cape Verde Turtle Conservation Project is constantly working with the local communities to create awareness to this situation in hope to prevent such things from happening.

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