Internships, both in London at Frontier's HQ and abroad on our projects, are one of the most important cogs in the Frontier machine. We offer placements in Journalism and Media, Project Development, Research, Diving, Teaching and everything in between. These are some testimonials from previous and current Interns so you too can get inspired and get an idea of what being a Frontier Intern is all about.

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Online Journalism Intern - Simone  Kelly

I’m very fortunate to have grown up with parents that have taken me all over the world. I’ve been on flights before I could even walk. Their longing to travel and see the world has brushed down onto me.

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Online Journalism Intern - Bex Shorunke 

"Determining how climate change, animal conservation and sustainability are all of equally valid significance as they intercept and overlap each other. My time interning with Frontier will give me opportunity to explore these areas further.."

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Online Media Intern - Meike Simms 

"Interning with Frontier provides me with professional practise within a team and allowing me to create contacts within a sector I wish to have a future career in."

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Online Journalism Intern - Thomas Phillips 

"My position at Frontier allows me to utilise my passions and inform people about the current impacts we have on our environment, as well as inspire them to get involved in conservation across the globe..."

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Online Journalism Intern - Shannon Clark 

"Joining Frontier as an Online Journalism Intern has given me the chance to put my degree to good use, whilst also providing me with the opportunity to combine my love for writing alongside my passion for environmental conservation."

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Online Journalism Intern – Guy  Bezant

"From interacting with volunteers to writing articles about mountaineering and sharks, there’s never a dull moment!"

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Online Media Intern - Chris Commons 

"With so many projects it’s important to capture and share the wonderful work that Frontier does, so most of all I enjoy editing the video footage of our Interns and volunteers around the world for Frontier’s You Tube channel..."

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