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Life As An Events and Marketing Intern 

My name is Rik Tuinstra and I am one of the Events and Marketing Interns at Frontier. As you might be able to tell by my unpronounceable last name I was not born in the UK. I was born and raised in The Netherlands. I have always been driven to find new adventures and get the most out of my life. From the age of 16 I always dreamt about living in London and experience all the city has to offer. And now that dream came true.

I started working for Frontier at the beginning of February and have really enjoyed working for the company so far. I decided to apply for this internship because through my Leisure and Tourism studies I have always been interested in events and marketing. From the very first contact with Frontier I could really tell they were genuinely interested in having me work for the company. I had my job interview in November and got a really good feeling about it. At first I was brought into this really sketchy room and was wondering where I was, but pretty soon they made me feel comfortable and I had a really nice conversation with the people that are now my colleagues. Not much later I got told that I got the job and had a big night out to celebrate it.

After being back home for a while (I studied abroad in York before going to London) it was time to move to London. To be honest with you, I was shitting my pants and really nervous about the move and what my life would be like here. But at my first day of work I got introduced to all of my colleagues and they all made me feel really comfortable. I was still feeling the nerves about my moving to London in my stomach, but my colleagues helped me to feel more at home in this big city.

I immediately was feeling a lot of trust from the company. They knew I needed some time to get used to working here but they were really confident in me and in the first two weeks I got a lot of responsibilities. In the second week I even had my very first presentation for a group of students by myself. It can be quite scary, but it was a lot of fun. The best way to learn something is by actually doing it, and Frontier really believes in that too.

At a normal day at the office I begin the day by responding to emails and try to get bookings for events at universities, schools and colleges. And then every day is different. I plan events and make event packs or do some post event work. I normally end the day by calling potential volunteers. At first this was quite scary. I never liked calling people, whether it was the doctor or even some of my best friends.

I would rather just text or email, but by doing this I stepped out of my comfort zone and over time I got more and more used to it and I actually start to quite enjoy it now. Who knew that would ever happen?!
What I really enjoy about working for Frontier is meeting a lot of incredible and inspiring people at fairs and talks. Sometimes I inspire them, and sometimes they inspire me. It makes you realise that there are so many great and interesting people out there. Talking with these people is also a huge confidence booster. It might seem scary to approach people or do presentations at first, but it has been very rewarding and it’s a great way to network too.

In these few weeks I have been working here I learned a lot and I am very grateful Frontier gave me the opportunity to gain some work experience and live in London.

Rik Tuinstra, Events and Marketing Intern

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