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Research and Development Intern - Pippa  Howarth

As a recent Marine Biology and Oceanography BSc Hons graduate of Newcastle University and qualified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer the privileged access to the underwater ecosystem I have gained has allowed me to apply the theory, taught throughout my education, to personal experience. This has increased my awareness of marine exploitation and the resulting environmental issues and fuelled my desire to contribute to the worldwide effort of conservation by pursuing it as a career.

My previous experience encompasses active involvement in marine projects and employment in countries of varying climate, affluence, ethnicity and remoteness. I have been involved in BioRock coral reef restoration projects in the Gili Islands and through involvement with the sustainable sea cucumber and seaweed aquaculture project in Madagascar, I provided communities with the resources and support for a robust aquaculture program with the capacity to provide guaranteed market access, food security and economic growth for fishing communities across the Bay of Ranboe. For numerous summer seasons I’ve held a ‘Marine Science Instructor’ position with ActionQuest in the British Virgin Islands, an international sailing, scuba, marine science and leadership-training program for teenagers. My responsibilities encompassed leading dissections of the Spiny Dogfish, Common Starfish and Lionfish. I delivered lectures in Introductory Oceanography, Tropical Ecosystems as well as being a supervisor to students undertaking their own marine-based research project.

I aim to apply my practical experiences to get the most out of the Research and Development role at Frontier whilst gaining a behind the scenes of a Non-Governmental Organisation, acting as a springboard to my career in conservation.

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