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Online Journalism Intern - Simone  Kelly

I’m very fortunate to have grown up with parents that have taken me all over the world. I’ve been on flights before I could even walk. Their longing to travel and see the world has brushed down onto me. I’ve managed to visit Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA all before I’m even 21. From a young age I’ve known that the two things I love most are writing and travelling, so it was fairly obvious for me to peruse a career as a Journalist.

I am currently studying Journalism in my third year at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. For the first semester of the school year I was studying abroad in Tennessee, USA. This semester I have been lucky enough to gain an Internship at Frontier’s London HQ as an Online Journalism Intern. I’m extremely proud to hold this position and look forward to sharing my skills and experience with this worldly respected NGO.

My curiosity towards the world we live in makes working for Frontier that little bit more valuable. Everyday I learn something new, liaising with other interns in the office and researching for articles on important issues that matter.

In a world where fake news and alternative facts hit the headlines, I feel that I am perfectly placed in a role with significance – and who knows, I might even get myself onto one of their projects once my time here is over.

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Frontier runs conservationdevelopmentteaching and adventure travel projects in over 50 countries worldwide - so join us and explore the world!

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