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Online Media Intern - Meike Simms 

I have always had a keen interest in nature and all it has to teach us, despite growing up in London. The green spaces in London provided volunteering opportunities for me to aid in conservation of native species through removal of invasive species, as well as teach school children about the natural world through pond dipping and nature trials. The opportunity to work within a team of people passionate about the natural world is very fulfilling and led me to do the same abroad on projects, similar to those that Frontier provides.

Following on from A Levels, I studied a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology in Cornwall, a county with pristine areas of natural beauty. It was here that I discovered my calling for the development of science (particularly climate change and marine vertebrate conservation) using the communication of science through film, scientific writing online, photography and presentations.

I became a founder and committee member for Nature Watch; a student led film series about Cornish nature. My involvement included many aspects of production; filming, editing, producing, runner and social media marketing. In order to increase awareness, Nature Watch presented and erected stalls at scientific conferences, where my vast career experience within customer service was put to use.

Frontier has been an ambassador for not only improving the sustainability of communities and nature abroad, but also improving the life ambitions of all their volunteers for over 27 years. I understand the motivators of volunteers, having been one myself, which I apply to my social media marketing through Youtube and Instagram. Frontier requires interns to present to schools and universities in various locations across the UK, allowing me to incorporate and develop my skillset to aid Frontier in spreading its achievements and goals.

Interning with Frontier provides me with professional practise within a team and allowing me to create contacts within a sector I wish to have a future career in. Frontier provides the opportunity to work within other N.G.O.’s, scientific research within one of their projects abroad, recruitment, marketing and social media following on from the Online Media Intern position. The character building I have gained from travel motivates me to eventually find a job where I will be paid to travel, a chance interning with Frontier can provide.

Frontier runs conservationdevelopmentteaching and adventure travel projects in over 50 countries worldwide - so join us and explore the world!

See more from our volunteers #Frontiervolunteer

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