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Online Journalism Intern - Thomas Phillips 

I’ve had an affinity for wildlife ever since I can remember, mainly due to my dad’s love for birding. My parents and brother and I would often visit RSPB reserves, or watch foxes and their cubs from our window, or set up moth traps to see what winged jewels we’d caught in the night.

A love for writing also spurred me to study for a Diploma in Journalism, but ultimately nature called me back to get my FdSc Conservation Management. This was undoubtedly a turning point in my life, as in my school days the words ‘nature’ and ‘career’ might as well have been two distant planets; I had no idea it was possible to become a “qualified hippie” until I stumbled upon the degree which let me explore the delicate interactions on which our planet relies, and to fully realise our impact on those ecological balances.  

As I became more ecologically aware I eventually rekindled with journalistic writing. I had found a new passion for highlighting environmental issues, which could help shed light on those accountable for deforestation, poaching, pollution, unsustainable farming and other global concerns.  

My position at Frontier allows me to utilise my passions and inform people about the current impacts we have on our environment, as well as inspire them to get involved in conservation across the globe. The research that goes into every article consists of the world’s most beautiful animals, people and places, and I aim to convey that inspiration whilst working at Frontier. It also gives me the chance to engage with like-minded people daily; the usual watercooler topics, like sports and Game of Thrones, suddenly became complex ecology and whatever the latest clandestine, anti-environmental stunts corporations were up to (and yes still Game of Thrones).

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